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#HoarderDiaries | The S&R Sale Continues! - PART 1

DO NOT FRET! It's funny. I was surprised to see that S&R actually shared my recent blog posts on their monthly sale (thank you!). They posted my last one yesterday, and when I checked comments, some were actually pissed because they thought they missed the sale. YOU DIDN'T. I featured Limited Specials on my last post. The deals change each week. So yes, thou shalt not fret, hoarder friend. You will be surprised to see that you did not miss the sale

Also, a little disclaimer. I do not own S&R. I am not employed by S&R. I work full time for another company. And if you are a regular reader of this blog, you should know that aside from my 8 to 6 day-job, events, this blog, and running BentoMommas with four other friends, the one thing I love doing and writing about is shopping! Folks, I am a hoarder. Hence these posts. 

I took the little boy out for dinner last night. Because I had to go and get some things at the grocery, I decided to just go to S&R and see what the deals were for this week. I was also craving for this.

The S&R Strawberry Smoothie! Worth every last drop of your P99! Hehehe.

The Deli has the Calzone on sale this whole month of September. Only P129 (ala carte is P119) and it comes with a refillable drink! I was going to get a Vegetable Calzone but opted for Roasted Chicken Rice instead, because I realized I didn't have lunch. And you know, #hAngry means rice. LOL!

After dinner, we went to get our staples and checked out what deals were on sale this week. I promise you, a visit to S&R is always a treasure hunt (much like most warehouse clubs in the US). There are new things every week!

Here are the fresh and frozen items on LIMITED SALE this week!

#ItemoftheWeek | US Assorted Loaf, BUY 1 TAKE 1; SALE P169.95
(Rhum, Coffee Cinnamon and Red Velvet Marble)

| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#ItemoftheWeek | Beef Brisket, Buy 1 Pack FREE 500g; SALE P307.95/kg
| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#ItemoftheWeek | Bounty Fresh Chicken Breast; SALE P118.95/kg
| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#ItemoftheWeek | Fontina Cheese; SALE P639.95/kg
| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#ItemoftheWeek | Cheese Krainer; SALE P349.95/kg
| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#ItemoftheWeek | Smoked Boneless Bangus; SALE P349.95/kg
| Offer good until September 13, 2015

#LimitedSALE | Pacific Bay Bacalao Loin, 500g; SALE P349.95

#LimitedSALE | White Cobbler Fillet, 950g-1.1kg; SALE P119.95

#LimitedSALE | Meltique Beef; SALE (Assorted Prices)

#LimitedSALE | Red Globe Seeded Grapes; SALE P309.95/kg

#LimitedSALE | Washington Red Apples, 6s; SALE P189.95

#LimitedSALE | China Pears, 4s; SALE P94.95

Now, Hoarders, items marked #ItemoftheWeek should be available at their respective sale prices until Sunday, September 13. However, look! The Salmon Fillet was #ItemoftheWeek last week, but they are still on sale - at the same sale price, too! Get them while they are still cheap! My daughter A loves Salmon. So you can bet my freezer is brimming with this! LOL!

Seriously, a great, great deal for Salmon.

Anyway, for this blog post, I shall focus on food. There are a lot of Club Pricing deals at S&R this month, and while my phone is full of photos, I cannot take a photo of each item on sale. LOL! Ang dami kasi! I only choose what catches my fancy, and those with big discounts!

So yes, food. PART 2 will be sometime during the weekend, but hopefully, by then, you've gone to check out S&R for yourself. Ikaw din, sayang ang SALE. Hehehe. The photos on this blog post were taken at S&R Congressional because that is nearest my office. I will try to make it out to another store soon!

Herrs Cheese Curls Barrel, SALE P299.95

#SnRExclusive | Chupa Chups XXL Trio 40s, SALE P374.95

Roca Thins Milk Chocolate, SALE P599.95

Pop Tarts Variety Pack 48s, SALE P529.95

Brookside Dark Chocolate Berry Clusters, SALE P649.95

Roca Buttercrunch Toffee Gift Pack 4s, SALE P1,149.95

Palmer Chocolate Coins, SALE P479.95

Halloween Marshmallows Bucket, SALE P104.95

Mix Minis Bag, SALE P299.95

Hershey's Cookies 'n Cream Snack Size, SALE P649.95

Assorted Hershey's Kisses, SALE P579.95

Hershey's Special Dark Miniatures, SALE P749.95

Nongshim Udon 6s (my favorite!), SALE P239.95

Soyfresh Hershey's Chocolate/ Mocha Milk 4s, SALE P249.95

Because Halloween is around the corner, here are more Halloween chocolates in store. Not on sale, but if you are budgeting for next month's activities, S&R has them in stock now.

Hershey's Halloween Assortment 38.27oz, P799.95

Hershey's Halloween Assortment 100-count bag/ 39.09oz, P799.95

Nestle x Willy Wonka Halloween Assortment 205-count/ 62oz, P999.95

Nestle Halloween Assortment 150-count/ 64oz, P1,099.95

Again, there are a lot of great deals happening now. I just couldn't stop and take each and every photo. So do check out S&R today!

Here are a couple of new things at S&R. I never noticed them before... have you?

#NEW! Reese's Spreads Snacksters 10canisters, P699.95

Kirkland Signature Balsamic Vinaigrette 24oz, P299.95

Just to point out the fact that S&R gets new things every week. I was at the Congressional store Friday night last week, and they didn't have stock of my favorite Kimchi (it's been out of stock for a few months now at this store). But look! Last night, they had it! Yay! RL was telling me to get two jars!

Chongga Mat Kimchi 380g, P189.95

Do check out the September mailer on my previous S&R post to see what else they have on featured sale this month! I shall try to get the next post out soon! Meanwhile, happy hoarding, friends!

Look! I took home a one-of-a-kind little chinky-eyed boy! Never too big for the S&R cart, hehe.

9AM - 9PM 
Bonifacio Global City | Congressional | Alabang | Aseana-Baclaran | Cebu | Pampanga | Davao | Shaw | Imus 
PLUS! Soon-to-open in Nuvali! 

| FB: S&R Membership (Official)

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