Monday, September 7, 2015

#YayaDiaries | Privacy of Employers

This is not a funny post. Hehe. I am writing this post because of recent events. So excuse me while I take a break from the usual, and post this sort-of rant about my nanny and the issue of privacy.

It started a few weeks ago, upon reading Mommy Fleur's post on her in-laws almost getting victimized by a budol-budol/ dugo-dugo gang. Almost, because although the helper already had valuables with her and was about to leave, the others who saw her knew something was up, and they were able to stop the helper from leaving. Two weeks ago, I learned from another friend that her sister got duped by someone who called their house knowing full details, including the maid's full name and mobile number. It was only after discussing the whole situation with family members that they came to realize that this happened a few days after someone from the census office came to do an interview.

A week ago, upon leaving our townhouse, I chanced upon our neighbor talking to someone at the gate. The lady turned out to be someone from the census office, doing a routine interview. As I walked past, the lady told me that she would need to interview me, too. Normally, I would oblige, but after what happened to Fleur's in-laws and to J's sister, I told the lady no. She was insistent, so I said "baka dugo-dugo gang kayo ha?" She then proceeds to show me her ID and her forms.

J says the man who came to her sister's house had forms and an ID as well. He was even wearing a baranggay vest, and looked legit. And although they didn't get to verify if the man was the culprit, he was the only one who recently got the helper's new number and full name, because according to him, they needed a number in case the form wasn't filled up correctly.

Fast forward to my experience with the census lady. I told Yaya J not to give the lady any information should she come back. Please note that this is my personal preference - I am not trying to impose my decision on this matter on anyone. If you want to cooperate with whoever comes to your house to ask for any information of any kind, that is entirely up to you and your judgment call. Again, this is my preference. I am not trying to influence you to lean towards withholding information.

So anyway, the lady did come back. And again. And again. Friday morning, she came back with reinforcement. Friday evening, while working on the bread deco for a bento order, Yaya J tells me about the census people.

Y: "Bumalik ulit yung taga-Census."
K: "Ay nako, 'wag kang magbibigay ng kahit anong information. Kahit ano. Huwag."
Y: "Sabi ko nga, 'di ka magpapa-interview. E ang kulit, kaya ako nalang daw tatanungin nila."
K: "Ya, sabi ko kahit ano. Ba't ka magpapa-interview??!"
Y: "E ako lang naman tinanong nila. Pangalan ko lang binigay ko."
K: "Ang kulit mo din, ano? Hindi mo ba ma-gets ang sinabi ko. 'Wag mo na sila kausapin."
Y: "E kasi nga, gusto ka nga daw nila kausapin. Sabi ko wala ka, tapos tinanong kung andito si Sir, sabi ko hindi siya dito nakatira kasi hiwalay kayo at tayo lang andito."

Zip your mouth, Yaya! Please!
At that point, I couldn't help myself, and told her to stop. She volunteered information that need not be said. Why'd she have to tell them R didn't live here? If these people were part of a dugo-dugo gang, then this is their red flag: NO MALE IN THE HOUSE. Needless to say, I got pissed. She got a sermon about keeping things private.

You would think she learned her lesson. 

This morning, Yaya J walked RL and I to the car. Our other neighbor was talking to some men (apparently from the electric company) by the gate, but left them to get something. As Yaya J walked past, I overheard one of the men ask her about this particular neighbor. Apparently, they had missed a payment, and these men were trying to push the fact that a notice was sent to this address. So these men were trying to get information from my nanny. They asked if the neighbor owned the house and if bills addressed to them were received. As my nanny opened her mouth to answer, I cut her off. I already heard her say that bills are received by the compound maids, and that these were given to the respective homeowners. Ang daldal talaga, I swear.

So as she walked me to the car, I gave her another lecture on privacy. We do not volunteer information. Especially when it involves strangers. Tonight, we will do PRIVACY 101 again. I don't care if she thinks I repeat myself over and over again, but we are being careful. And in this day and age, you can't be too careful with all these crimes happening left and right.

Makes me think, you know. If my nanny is more than willing to give information to strangers, I wonder what she tells the other helpers in the compound? Our Yaya J has been with us for 13 years (minus a few years when she went off to give birth to her two girls). I mean, I trust her, but man, she can be a chatterbox sometimes.

Less talk, less mistakes. No talk, no mistakes! Yaya naman!

What about your helpers? Do you have the same problem with them? Sigh.

DISCLAIMER: My personal opinion on the Census modus is just that - my opinion. I am not saying that these people are indeed criminals or part of some gang. I am merely being extra cautious. I mean, if it is easy for helpers to get NBI clearances, IDs and the like, but end up stealing, even poisoning their employers, how easy will it be for anyone else to get employed, don a uniform and present a legit ID? You can never tell if the person in front of you has an ulterior motive. 


  1. Homygulay. Yaya!!

    But they don't value their privacy kasi that's why. Diba sila yung mahilig magkaron ng textmates? Hayayayay!!

    1. Ay korek dyan sa "they don't their privacy!" Kung makapost nga yan sa FB, pati laman-loob, pinapakita. LOL!

  2. Grabe! That's one of the reasons why I decided not to hire kasambahay anymore. Now, I am stress free ; p


    1. You can bet my stress levels are up there, Michelle! Haay!


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