Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dreams are Free

What's that one dream you've always had, but knew would never happen ever? Know what mine is? Well, it's to be a housewife. Yea, sure, you may think it as shallow but what could be the most perfect thing in the world? Ah! To stay home with the kids and while away the day reading books, homeschooling (!) and watching cartoons. :)

Seriously, it is my dream.

However, circumstances force me to work. No, scratch that. Circumstances force me to slave away. Even my mom says I overwork myself, going from work to sideline to raket and so on. What can I do? Someone has to provide! Now judging from my current marital status, that dream seems farther and farther away. Ok, so maybe I could be a work-at-home mom, but you know what? I think I've drained myself of any will to work. Hahaha!

Alright, maybe a work-at-home mom. :)

What's up your dream sleeve?


  1. minsan talaga we tend to not appreciate our situation. I was once a housewife or a stay-at-home mom. even attempted to home school Andie. for two years 2007-2009. I already researched abt home schooling and asked na a few moms abt it. pero grabe nabato ako sa loob ng house. i missed working. hindi ako mapakali na lumilipas ang oras ng panood nood lang ng tv, afternoon naps and playing with my daughter. I baked, cooked, decorated our condo, online tutoring, etc.. etc... Then i decided I can't anymore... I became a working-mom again and enrolled Andie to a normal pre-school. sayang ang beauty mo sa bahay dear. malolosyang ka lang!

  2. Hehe. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I grew up with a working mom. How I wished she was a work-at-home mom instead. Laking yaya ako e. And although I appreciate that my mom worked for a while to co-provide for us, I would have wanted her at home with me.

    I've always wanted to be a housewife. I've always wanted to stay at home with the kids. I have online businesses naman. I think being a mom is a full-time job kasi. It is something I would rather not leave to the nanny or the maid. If I had a choice, I would stay at home. At hindi ako maloloka at malolosyang. I've tried staying home na for two whole years too and those were the best years of my life. :)

  3. I started a family at an early age so after I gave birth nag-inquire agad ako sa mga daycare centers na malapit sa amin dito sa Tokyo para makapag work. But since di siya matanggap tanggap I had to stay with him at home and be a full-time mom. I used to hate idea of nakakulong sa bahay at nagbbabysit but now I`m loving every single minute of it(well of course like I have a choice din) but watching him grow and those first time experiences with him are just priceless. Well kanya kanya lang siguro talaga ng opinion yan. But I think Filipino mothers are more focused pagdating sa needs at welfare ng children nila miski stressed recently kasi there are news here in Japan about a child being starved to death dahil kamukha daw ng asawa nya yung anak nya..kaloka!

  4. I agree with you K. !

    Staying at home does not necessarily mean doing nothing but sleep and keep house.

    You determine how your day will be and find ways to make yourself productive.

    I downshifted a few years ago from a top-level corporate post and never turned back. That does not mean I stagnated in the meantime. And no, I did not become losyang. Hahaha...Now, people say that I look ten years younger than my actual age because I have less stress.

    But of course, that's not to say that working women are in the wrong place...some people are meant to be entrepreneurs and others are built for the office. Peace to all.

  5. hi kaye! that is also my dream..but to be more specific, i want to be a glamorous housewife! ;-) definitely NOT the losyang/plain type of housewife.

    i'm still single so i wish to marry someone who's "stable enough" so I can simply focus on being a glamorous housewife and a doting mother to my future kids. hahaha!


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