Monday, March 15, 2010

Hang Hinit!

A has been complaining about the heat a lot lately. I can't blame her. It is hot. So hot that we had to use our airconditioning unit almost every night last week. Good thing it rained over the weekend, so we had a reprieve.

We've resorted to different ways to keep cool. It is a blessing that we live on the 10th floor where the breeze comes in better. We open our door to the corridor so it gets really windy. Oh, and did I mention that the center of our condo building is hallow, such that we get a lot of fresh air in our units? The corridors are open and overlook the swimming pool, so yes, cool.

A has been swimming again lately. She used to swim everyday, until her hair turned brittle from all that chlorine. We never really taught her how to swim. A is self-taught, but is a pretty good swimmer. So much so that she can out-swim R with her underwater stunts and dives.

My little boy, on the other hand, doesn't appreciate the pool. I have to be in the pool, swimming with him. Otherwise, no deal. It doesn't matter, I suppose. He loves the water, nonetheless. We just have to limit it to mini inflatable pools and bathtubs, I guess.

How are you beating the heat?

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