Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I realized that when Facebook switched to the new FB Layout, a couple of my albums' privacy settings switched to "Share to Everyone". Which made me cringe at the idea that my "stalkers" saw pics of the family. LOL!

Hence... For all you stalkers out there, I shall post a pic. :) Have a nice day!

This is what makes me happy. Ok, ok... it's an old pic. But yeah. :)

What about you? What makes you happy?


  1. simple things makes me happy... a good book, excellent coffee & the company of my family. My ideal day would be to sit on a comfy Lazyboy facing a picturesque view of a white sand beach front, reading Pride and Prejudice. Loyal friends like you and your accomplishments makes me happy. There's a few more but I'l tell you all about it over an excellent cup of java.

  2. Akala ko greeting card, comment pala hehehe... ;-)

    Simple things make me happy too. Just seeing my family free from sickness and harm already makes me feel so blessed and happy. A plate of pancit bihon whether plain or overflowing with veggies & meaties will already make so happy too! Through the years, I've learned to enjoy life with what I have and appreciate each blessing it brings whether big or small and find contentment from it.

  3. Hi Ms. Kaye,

    You have two wonderful kids... A & R really looks big now. God bless.

    JNP :)


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