Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nanny Woes

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I found a new nanny for my little boy. Nothing to celebrate though, because she isn't much of a nanny. :P Just 8 days here and my little one has a bruise on his cheek and a big bump on his brow. Two separate incidents under her care. She has no focus (stares at the telly when it's on, etc) and cannot catch up with my son, who loves to run around and explore.

So yesterday, I've decided that I will just let her go. Will I compromise my son's safety by settling for someone who can't even keep an eye on him? I think not! I know there is no perfect nanny, but still, I cannot imagine how I will be at peace knowing my son is left alone with her all day. Nyar. She is still with me, however, because today, I had to convince my other nanny (the one who wanted to leave to continue her schooling) to stay with us 'til R turns two (she agreed! Thank you, God!). Besides, her plans are still unsure, and she still has to raise the money.

So I made arrangements with my aunt's friend, who just happens to be in need of a helper, if she'd take over and hire the new nanny. My problem now is how to tell the new nanny that I've decided to let her go. I've never done this before. So tell me... how do you break the news? When do you break the news? Do I tell her now? Do I tell her Sunday (her new employers will pick her up on Monday)? Or Monday?

Also, I paid for her fare, since she came from the province. Do I deduct it from her salary (hmmm, I don't think it is even enough to cover fare expenses)? I was planning to just let it pass and still give her her salary (kawawa naman). She's nice anyway, although I may not be a good judge of character since I am not home during the day. Haaay... help!

What would you do?


  1. I've been to that situation since all of our helpers/nanny came from provinces so we always paid for their fares even though we would not know if they are effective or not. You should tell her right away that your old nanny would return and she would be hired by your friend instead of letting her go without work. Being fair enough, just give her the 1/2 month salary since you paid her fare. Hope this helps :)


  2. Just curious if you've seen this GQ interview


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