Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Day!

I had no choice but to take my kids to work today. I figured it'd be pretty easy to handle the little one, with his Ate A there with me. I was wrong. All day, I had to keep his little hands off everyone's laptop/PC/ Mac. Wherever he went, he attempted to grab this and that. He even attended our weekly staff meeting, found small blocks and banged the table with it, and just made a ruckus.

The funny thing is, no one else noticed the noise, except for me. I was stressed to the bone, trying to keep my little boy quiet, when all that time, everyone just found it cute that he was in the office. I took him to the finance department right before lunch, and he found some empty 5 gallon containers and started hauling them across the floor. Over his shoulder like a pahinante, which of course, everyone found adorable! I stressed over the fact that he was making a mess, and kept asking him to put the containers back. But each time he did, he'd fancy the next container and go about his hauling to here and there all over again.

I thought he was sleepy when lunch time came so I gave him a bottle to calm him down. We were gonna have lunch over at Trinoma, so we took the stroller with us, just in case he falls asleep while we were eating. But that didn't happen. The sight of food just woke him up. I ended up taking 5 spoonfuls total. The rest, he ate. Yes, the little boy has quite the appetite, and you don't have to fight to get him to finish his meal. He usually takes second helpings.

We had to get a few things at the supermarket, and he was getting all fussy in his stroller, since he never gets to ride on it when his nanny's around. I gave him the rest of his bottle and true enough, he fell asleep. Until we got back to the office, which was a good 5 minutes away. Then he was wide awake until we got home tonight.

Overall, it was a crazy, crazy day. Tomorrow, we'll be off on another road trip. This time without a nanny. I'm still deciding if I should bring my other helper. If I do, that means we can't stay over the weekend, because I won't be bringing Mickey with us. Oh well. I love this crazy life anyway. Wish me luck!

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