Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rant and Rave: S&R

(For lack of a better title, and not wanting to make it too general. :P)

Went to S&R Congressional for lunch today. Decided to grab two boxes of Fla-Vor-Ice for the kids. RL (will use this to refer to the little one, so you don't get confused) loves freezer pops! If there is one thing that will keep him distracted, this is it. Anything to beat the heat, I guess. Last night, I was trying to keep him from typing away on my laptop, and I tried all sorts of tricks. The Hawaiian Punch Freezer Pops did the trick (we got those from Clark). So today, I figured I might as well get him some more Fla-Vor-Ice from S&R. The more I keep on hand, the more surf time I get for myself. Hehehe. We were supposed to shop for more but decided to just limit it to the pops, since A was hungry already.

After lunch, I decided to grab some Hacienda Macalauan Fresh Milk to take home (Yes! S&R has them too). We were in a hurry to get back to the office so I chose the cashier with the shortest line - Register 12. No hitches until the cashier I was at realized she had no more of the smaller plastic bags. So she calls out to the bagger at the next cashier (Register 11) and asks for one, "Kamote, pahingi nga ng isang maliit na plastic o."

And the bagger feigns deafness. To which she prods again, "Pahingi naman ng maliit na plastic, naghihintay yung customer o."

The bagger looks up from the groceries he was putting in bags and says "Bahala ka diyan." The cashier next to him (Register 11) sees me staring at the bagger and quickly grabs a small plastic bag and hands it to the cashier at Register 12. The bagger continues to hurl insults at my cashier as she bags my milk and thanks me apologetically.

I gave the bagger a 'look' (if looks could kill, this was probably it). What a dumb*ss. He looked back smug like he didn't care if he insulted anyone. I went to my brother and told him what the bagger did. A wanted some ice cream, so after I got her some, I noticed the same bagger walking towards the Tires and Outdoor section near the ice cream stand. He looked at me like he was some untouchable and pretended to write on a piece of paper on top of a box display of chamois towels. Then he walked back to the cashier and got a push cart. So I asked the lady manning the ice cream stand what the bagger's name was. Turns out he was a Sales Assistant at the Tires and Outdoor section named Julio.

Well, Julio or whatever your name is. I hope one day you get reprimanded for this. You are not handsome. You even look like you could use a good nose trim! (ok, ok, out of line, but grrrr... ang yabang mo kasi!) Don't go acting like you're the coolest guy in S&R because you're not. And next time, respect your women co-workers! They don't deserve your slack just because you think you're better or way cooler than them (because really, you aren't!). And hey, don't make it personal when you're at work! There are customers that need to be served and they don't need to hear your bull about how this cashier broke your heart or how that cashier stood you up. Geez!

So there. I left S&R irritated. The atmosphere obviously wasn't customer-friendly. This Julio guy just stole points away from the somewhat pleasant shopping experience S&R could've given me today. Or maybe it's just too hot to be in a good mood. Bah!

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