Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh No!!! and All Sorts.

Our nanny caught the Chicken Pox Virus! And since the baby hasn't had his shots yet, he's a shoo-in for the Pox as well. :P I guess it's best that he gets it now. I'm just a tad weary because like R, he scars.

So our nanny had to sit out Easter celebrations. We attended the Easter Event at Crowne Plaza. Nothing fancy, and my little boy refused to don his pirate costume. But it was fairly easy to win prizes, so my kids, including the little one, had a blast. We took home tons! But like I said, nothing fancy. No traditional egg hunt either. They gave out cards instead, and you had to collect stamps from key people with Easter Eggs. My little boy contented himself with throwing the eggs on the floor, picking them up and placing them in his Mickey egg bag. Well at least he had fun! ;)

Note: Photo on right shows R (without his Pirate costume, of course!) picking up Easter eggs from the floor.

Thus, the best Easter Party we've ever attended still goes to Edsa Shang for their spectacular Easter event 5-6 years ago. And maybe Manila Penn for that time we stayed there when K was 6 or 7 (that's 11 years ago!).

Speaking of parties, A's 8th birthday is coming up and she wants a party since she wasn't able to have one last year for her 7th. Thinking of having a small Littlest Pet Shop party. But now that the baby is set to catch the Pox, we're moving preps and are looking at a party sometime in early May. Oh well, at least that buys me more time for last-minute planning. :)

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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