Thursday, October 14, 2010


T'is another story of yet another Facebook contest involving Fitflop. This time, Shoe Salon was giving away a pair of Fitflop Supertone Sneaks, the new toning sneakers from Fitflop. I've been using my Electra's as everyday shoes, and was thrilled at the idea of winning another pair.

But after sending an entry on why "I thought I deserved a pair", I thought of sending another entry, this time nominating A's teacher. Every time she sees my Fitflop sandals on me, she never fails to tell me how nice they look and how she'd love to own a pair someday. So I told her I'll resend my entry and scrap my self-nomination and try to win a pair for her.

And guess what? Today, when I opened my account, there was my name, winning the grand prize for Teacher Maricar! I can't even describe how happy I feel. She truly deserves to win a new pair of sneaks. I am soooo ecstatic just thinking about it. I called her up and told her, and she cried.

Thanks heaps, Fitflop and Shoe Salon!

God has been so good. He truly knows the desires of our hearts.


Fitflop SuperTone is Fitflop's new muscle-toning, energizing, shock-absorbing sneaker.

After more than a year in engineering, Fitflop's product technology and design team has managed the perfect merger, amalgamating their patent-pending, muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology with the all-weather wearability of a classically-shaped, trend-conscious leather sneaker.

Cleverly designed to hide the ‘toning sole’ (so you can wear it everywhere without anybody knowing you’re getting a workout) the FF Supertone™ has an ageless, cool, go-everywhere style, with our thigh-toning, foot-flexing, bottom-benefiting biomechanics built-in. Best of all – it doesn’t look like a shoe that’s ‘good for you’.

The Fitflop Supertone will be available at the following stores: FitFlop store in Mall of Asia, Shoe Salon (all outlets), Res|Toe|Run (Ayala Cebu, GenSan, Laoag and Dumaguete), and at FitFlop kiosks (Rob Ermita, ATC, Trinoma and Greenbelt3) beginning OCT 16, 2010 (Metro Manila) or OCT 22 (Provincial).

Credits: Photo and product spiel from Fitflop's Facebook Page and Photo Album on the new FF Supertone!

Check out Fitflop on Facebook here. And Shoe Salon on Facebook here.

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