Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am having flashbacks. Yes, a serious case. It started while I was browsing channels and came across a new TV commercial. On it was my old schoolmate, J, and with her was... lo and behold, this (reference deleted, too revealing) from an earlier post (see here). Not that I am bitter, but I do wonder sometimes about her. How this good and sweet-looking woman can do such a thing. I bet her husband is still in the dark about her once-upon-a-time uh... hanky-panky. I once had the urge to knock on their door, slap her across the face and leave their family in shambles, but nope, I wasn't brought up to ruin families.

She once wrote R a lengthy email. On it she claimed she was serious about their whachamacallit, and that she didn't want to share him with anybody, not even with me (hello, sino nga ang kabit?). I wonder how she felt when R moved on to the next fling. Yes, the feeling was never mutual (ako na sasagot) because he had others while you were around and while you thought you were the only one.

So... I stalked and checked her FB. True enough, she is now friends with J, and a good number of schoolmates who are in the same biz. I want to spill the beans about her, you know, ruin her career. But I am reminded that vengeance isn't mine.

!!! Yep, I have that engraved on my forehead.



So this flashback started the domino effect. I've been having a serious case of it, I tell you. I need a push, you know, or a whack in the head - something (anything!) to help me let go.

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