Friday, October 1, 2010


They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Yesterday, I got a surprise call from R. He was asking for the recipe to a classic dessert I used to make when we first got married. I love to have my way in the kitchen, and used to cook a lot when we didn't have kids. We didn't have a maid either, so we alternated in the kitchen. There is this particular dessert that my family loves. I made it for special occasions or on days when there was nothing to do.

My dad's sister loves this dessert so much that one time, when I gave her a pan of this for Christmas, she specifically labeled it as hers so the rest of her household stayed away from it. It really isn't anything spectacular, but takes a lot of time and love to make.

R always expressed his love for this particular dessert. Make a batch and a pan will disappear in a matter of hours. I knew he looked forward to it, especially when he sees me prepping the ingredients. So when I got the call yesterday, I was not surprised he asked for it.

He said he wanted to use it for his dessert menu. He's supposed to be opening a food joint somewhere south.

I asked him to Google for it.

No way I was giving him a classic, family recipe (yes, our old cook from our old guesthouse passed this on to me before she passed away from heart disease. It is one of three special family recipes I have been able to perfect). Especially since I was not gonna benefit from it. I do not even know who his business partner is! And knowing R, it's probably some girl willing to part with moolah just to get his eye. :P

As much as I want to help out and be unselfish, I cannot bring myself to part with something as special as this. Even my aunts and cousins in the US look forward to my visits because of this particular dessert.

Call me selfish, but I will not give some other girl a chance at a recipe that has found its way to my husband's heart.

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