Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Deals!

Visit Bread Talk at SM Megamall today through Sunday and get a FREE FLOSS or FREE HOT CHIC with every purchase of 5 breads (ok, so I thought it should say pieces of bread or something to that effect, but learned from wiki that it is fine to use breads with the S to mean its plural version, so my bad).

I got 4 Kick-Kicks and 2 Cheezmans today, and you know how they're priced at P 29 each? And it doesn't matter! 5 breads is 5 breads, regardless of price! I got myself a Floss for FREE! ;)


Thought of getting a Subway sandwich for lunch and was already dreaming of a Tuna 6-inch Sub (P99 on Fridays for Subways' Sub of the Week) when I saw Subway's new 69er offer! Get a 6-inch Sliced Chicken Sub for only P69!

That's an irresistible offer. I got one with everything on it (well, sans the pickles, but i love olives and jalapeƱos in mine) on white with oil and vinegar. Nom! The promo ends on the 15th of November, I think, so it looks like I'll be having Subway for lunch a lot this month. ;)


What's your favorite Bread Talk uh... bread? Mine would be the Floss, and the Kick-Kick. Comfort food! I've always loved Ma-hu (floss)! I remember getting bags of it from my Granny and aunt! I checked out Bread Talk today and saw they had new versions of bread with the floss. Didn't get to try 'em though, but I shall!

How about your favorite Sub? I love Steak and Cheese! Any sub, in fact, basta with everything on it and with oil and vinegar. This blog post is making me hungry again. Hmmmm...

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