Thursday, October 28, 2010


My little boy was Bible Bearer for my BFF's wedding. These photos were taken at Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay. (Beautiful place, by the way) The wedding was held at Calleruega, so we had to hike up to Tagaytay on a Friday night. It was so foggy that we reached my aunt's townhouse at a few minutes after midnight! That's almost 4 hours on the road!

*My Super Serious Little Boy.

RL was in the mood before the whole thing began. But when it was time to walk down the aisle, he chose to hold a lollipop instead and made momma's partner hold on to the Bible. :P Oh well.

*The groom teaching RL how to pose for the pic.

*Lookin' snappy, eh?

*And my BFF, J. Beautiful bride!

We stayed in the city for 2 nights and drove back down Sunday afternoon, after flying kites at People's Park. RL was finally in the mood to smile for pictures. Finally, but yes, he got in the mood at home. :P

*My handsome little boy, with Mickey, finally smiling for the camera.

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