Sunday, May 26, 2013

Because YOU Asked - Extreme 23!

I am currently stuck on the new extreme levels - 33 and 35, to be exact. My brain is on vacation, INERTIA, at rest - playing the no-brainer, HAPPY STREET. LOL!

I think, though, that the truth is this: my brain is trying to slow down when it comes to Carrot Fantasy. Who knows when the next update is?! So yes, maybe I am taking it slow. I don't mind. At least I still have those two levels undone. My brother spent a good part of the early evening in my office trying to get past wave 3 on level 33. I have gone as far as wave 18, only to have a pest bite into that lovely carrot. So sue me, I want GOLD! LOL! So yes, in the middle of trying to figure it out (and working on extra patience), I am playing Happy Street instead. Haha, it's such a lazy game. And because some folks asked for the walkthrough for Level 23, here it is.

Start by planting ELECTRIC BALL towers as shown below. Upgrade the upper right one once. Aim for the giant chest on the right. The lone ELECTRIC BALL on the left can take care of the pests.

Once you kill ONE pest, you will be able to plant another ELECTRIC BALL on the top of the track. Plant it. This will help you kill pests as you try to clear the right side of the track of obstacles.

Work on eliminating all obstacles on the right. Start with the giant chest, the the big yellow fish in between the two ELECTRIC BALL towers. And so on and so forth. Use the photos below as succession guide.

Giant chest will reveal four SHOOTING STAR towers.

The big fish will contain an ANCHOR tower.

The rocks below the SHOOTING STAR towers will not contain anything.
Plant MUSHROOMS to earn coins. Upgrade MUSHROOMS as you go.

Once you get the obstacles on the right out of the way, work on clearing the obstacles on the upper left of the track. Remember to plant another MUSHROOM tower (beside the first one you planted) in order to slow down the pests and earn extra coins.

Start with the rocks on top of the track.
These rocks actually contain GREEN SHOOTERS.
Replace with ELECTRIC BALL towers.

Plant an ELECTRIC BALL tower on lower left of track (right by the start of the track). Aim for the green liquor bottle right beside it.

When you have enough coins, upgrade your ANCHOR tower.

The set of rocks below will reveal empty plots. Plant MUSHROOMS in its place.

Next, aim for the remaining giant chest.

Don't forget to upgrade your MUSHROOM towers to max when you can.

The giant chest will contain GREEN SHOOTERS. 

Work on clearing the left side of the track.
Do not upgrade any of the towers that come out of the obstacles.

Replace the four GREEN SHOOTERS with ELECTRIC BALL towers, except for the lower right SHOOTER, which you will replace with a MUSHROOM.

Once you've cleared all obstacles. Delete the towers on the left (two POO/MUD towers and the left ANCHOR and ELECTRIC BALL). See below for reference.

Plant two more MUSHROOMS as shown below. Upgrade to max. Delete left-most ELECTRIC BALL and plant two more on the right (top of track).

Then work on upgrading your TOWERS, starting with the ANCHOR and the SHOOTING STARS. Plant another ELECTRIC BALL above the right-most MUSHROOM just for additional defense.

Upgrade all those ELECTRIC BALL towers!

You can add more ELECTRIC BALL towers if you wish...
But the original ones should get you to the Golden Carrot.

And voila! It's that easy. Just a tad frustrating because it goes up to 25 waves. But nothing a little patience and persistence can't fix.

Extreme Stage 23, CLEAR AND GOLD!

~~~ * ~~~

EDIT: It took me all night to write this walkthrough. Well, I ended up playing the new levels and finished them. I was also playing on the little boy's iPad. I'm OC with my games like that. LOL! 

Okayyyyy... so what shall I do 'til July (According to this, Ice World won't come out 'til then!)?  And you, are you done with the new levels?

In case you missed it, Carrot Fantasy updated Extreme with new levels (20 May 2013)! Play up to Stage 35! Woohoo!


  1. Need help stage 33.. carrot die got eaten by monsters.. actually I also din manage to get golden carrot for stage 30-32.. and now stuck forever on 33.. walkthrough please :(

  2. Levels 30, 31 and 33 please! Thanks in advance! :)

  3. I shall try to work on a walkthrough for the new levels. It's harder than the others because the obstacles (chest, etc) contain random towers. And you have to get particular towers in order to get the Golden Carrot. And that means, playing over and over until you get the right ones revealed.

    Will try!

  4. I am surprised to see this on a mommy blog! Yay, good to know I am not the only one addicted to this game. Hihi

    Follow my adventures at

  5. Hi.can u help me on extreme level31?


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