Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mama's Magic in a Stick

I've been a fan of SoTrue since Mia first introduced me to her baby project. And I've come to conclude that  most often than not, natural is indeed better for the body. However, because I've had to deal with migraine on a regular basis, I now already know for a fact that nothing natural helps (well in my case, that is). I almost always grab a pill to get through it, if not to help stop it before it gets any worse. And yes, that means, taking medicine needlessly.

So when she had me try this new product at last month's ExpoMom, I wasn't immediately convinced it could work wonders for headaches. She was explaining how I could apply this on mosquito bites, bruises, small cuts, diaper rash, headaches, etc. and yet, when KY asked me if she could have my stick, I let her steal it from me.

But see, our friend JT started posting raves about the stick, and how it works wonders. So because I am a sucker for testimonials, when I went to visit Mia at Balik Bukid a couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a stick.

And guess what? I LOVE IT! According to Mia, Mama's Kiss has aromatherapy benefits and works as a miracle balm of sorts. She decided to make Mama's Kiss "because of lavender essential oil's soothing properties. I first used it on my son's nappy rash..." And soothing it is! So far, I've had three major migraines, and rubbing this on my temples works like a charm. Of course there are big headaches that still need medication, but hey, I no longer medicate for prevention. Instead, I am quick to apply Mama's Kiss on my temples and forehead in order to prevent a major migraine from happening. And it has worked!

It works like Magic! I love my Mama's Kiss stick!

Yesterday, while at our family's post-Mother's Day lunch, KY told me how she applied Mama's Kiss (yes, the one she stole from my bag) on a nasty bug bite. "I only applied twice. Once when it happened, and once after I took a bath. When I woke up the next morning, the bite was gone. No marks! And it didn't even itch. Magic!"

I'm telling you, this has even helped with my insomnia. Mama's Kiss is made with lavender essential oils and I have been sleeping like a baby. I was telling my dad yesterday when we were discussing the stick that it makes me relax and I feel like I'm getting a massage (LOL! It smells like I just had one kasi).

Even my little boy RL loves it. He's such a chatterbug at 1am, when we're both trying to get some shut-eye. So lately, I've discovered that rubbing this on his forehead does the trick. He's asleep in no time!

Can you say magic? 

Mama's Kiss is SoTrue Naturals' newest product. Just ask them for their magic stick. Retails for P180, 5g stick.

| SoTrue Naturals


  1. Hubby loves Mama's Kiss also and got it from JT! heehee!

  2. It is my favorite SoTrue product. I just hoarded! LOL!


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