Friday, May 3, 2013


This is a little late, but better late than never!

My daughter A celebrated her 11th birthday three Sundays ago. Yes, ELEVEN! Can you believe it? Wasn't it just yesterday that I wrote her this letter for her 8th Birthday? That was the year that tested our faith, and hey, I must say, we came out strong!

Too embarrassed to be center of attention. Photo courtesy of my little brother. 

A will be in the 6th grade this school year. How did that happen?!

Gone are the days when I can carry her with one hand while doing household chores. Nope, she's almost as tall as I am, and now wears a shoe size 9! Crazy.

~~~ * ~~~

To A,

Because it is #FlashbackFriday (actually publishing this on a Friday but initially wrote this post for #ThrowbackThursday), here is a throwback photo blog of my favorite photos of you - taken through the years - eleven years! Happy birthday, Beautiful! Momma loves you very much.

~~~ * ~~~

A's first Christmas, with her Little Tikes Coupe from Ama P!
Another photo, similar to this one, made it to the second issue of Smart Parenting.

Her first Enchanted Kingdom visit. It rained that day, and we got FREE tickets to go back. Hehe.
You can't sit on the Wizard na now. We tried to duplicate this shot with RL. But the guards were quick to stop us.

With our super poodle, July. A still misses him. R gave him away when we moved out of the condo.

A feeding our cockatiel, Chippy.

This photo of A at Davao's Crocodile Farm made it to Smart Parenting!

A's very first trip to Disneyland!

First school presentation. Wearing Achi KY's Casa Graduation outfit.

Flower girl at my friend A's wedding.

A - the Littlest Pet Shop addict

A is a great big sister to RL!

All she wanted that Christmas? Her two front teeth!

This is one of my favorite photos of the kids! RL loves to photobomb, even as a baby. Hehe!

A, with her favorite teacher and second mom, Teacher M (from her old school).

Because we used to live in a condo with a pool, A learned how to swim on her own.
She is even better than me, and I took formal swimming lessons for three whole summers!

Isn't this a beautiful photo? Hehe, lucky shot at HK Disneyland.

Happy Birthday!

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