Monday, May 6, 2013


I left my mobile phone at home. Bah! What a way to start the week. But all is good. I actually feel good today. I have no idea what's different. I just woke up telling myself it's going to be a great week.

Do you ever get that feeling? I mean, waking up on Monday and just knowing how the rest of the week is going to be?

I worked this weekend. I thought I'd catch up with pending stuff and found myself actually enjoying the time I spent juggling between encoding new releases and watching "The Lucky One" on rewind (that's because I kept going back to scenes I missed while filling out information sheets, haha).

Filled up information sheets for permits for these new releases...

It's mighty quiet at home, what with A spending the summer at my folks' and RL pretending he is the only child. Leave him with his Lego kits, and you're sure to find loads of peace and quiet - that is, until he gets tired (and mind you, this little boy gets bored easily, but yes, we're working on his patience).

RL putting together a LEGO Firetruck all by himself.

Saturday. We were supposed to head out to BGC for "Chak the Walk" but A decided she didn't want to go (because it had rained hard in our area and she wanted to be home when my siblings get home from Boracay) and RL just wanted to stay in bed (after spending most of his morning and afternoon at Trumpets). He actually slept through the rest of the day, getting up at 10pm to get dinner then played with his LEGO sets until the end of the movie (and encoding).

Sunday. I had to check on the new girl manning our Greenhills store. We were late for the 2 o'clock service and pretty early for the 4 o'clock. I guess all the waiting got to RL as he ended up sleeping in big church! Oops. At the last minute, and because it wasn't as traffic yesterday (compared to Friday and Saturday's mall sale traffic), I took RL to Rockwell after church to catch the last day of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013. Yes, yes, I know, a late notice to you readers. I was planning on blogging about it before the actual event (like I always do), but I got caught up with work. Last week was mighty crazy!

Deciding which pins to put on his sister's pair.

I wanted to get lime green flip flops (as it is the closest color to anything flou) but they ran out of the soles! I suppose I should start going on the first day. Two years ago, I had won tickets to their pre-event and got A and I the colors we had wanted. I ended up getting dark gray slims with lime green straps and a hot air balloon to commemorate this year's MYOH. Beautiful pair! I'm not quite sure if A will like hers. She wasn't with us yesterday, since she opted to sit this year out. But I got her purple ones with amethyst straps and a bicycle pin, since that's what she's been doing all summer - bike (and swim).

RL was proud with our finished work, he gladly posed with our loot. Oh, we used our Citibank Card and got a 10% discount! I would have gotten more, only A's enrollment is this week and we're on a super strict budget.

~~~ * ~~~

So, I forgot all about finishing this post earlier. Mondays always mean more work, especially since my brother moved to corporate and I'm struggling two positions. In the meantime, remember what I said about knowing today would be a great day (as with the rest of the week)?

Well, today I got blessed with an early birthday gift! Thank you, Mike and Mitchelle!

Then my bff J told me she was coming over tonight with a surprise from her mom (I'm guessing some Durian! So do watch out, neighbors!). It isn't even my birthday until the end of the month!  And you know how enrollment's this week? I found out from my daughter that tuition this year is a whopping __ thousand pesos!!! Excuse the blank, but I do not want you rolling your eyes asking me why. But see, I didn't even have time to worry about getting the money. Yesterday, I had to get money from the ATM and lo and behold, when I checked to see how much I had, I realized God was way ahead of me. Half of our 13th month pay got deposited early, and I already have enough to cover the first installment for tuition! And I think I can come up with enough cash to cover books, supplies and uniforms. Isn't God grand?

I am feeling the love! Thank you, friends! Thank You, Lord!

Great times!


  1. Hi! My daughter is turning six this year, and I was wondering, is MC a good school? Is the tuition and all those other expenses worth it? Will highly appreciate a response. Thanks!

  2. My daughter loves her school, and I must say she has bloomed. She has more friends and can study on her own. Is it worth it? Anything is worth the extra joy to mask the pain, so I'd have to say YES. ;)

    But yes, it is a pretty good school. Traditional, but okay compared to the other schools near our home.


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