Monday, May 13, 2013

Due to Popular Demand... Extreme 17 (In Detail)!

Okay. It took me a while to get this posted. I was thinking you probably didn't need a detailed walkthrough, and you'd probably figure out my strategy from that other short post. But then, I've received tweets, comments, text messages, FB messages, etc about Carrot Fantasy Extreme Level 17. So here's that detailed walkthrough. Enjoy!

Yes, let's cut through the chase, shall we? 

Start with planting two STAR towers on the two empty plots as shown. Upgrade the right star to max, and the left star once.

Work on destroying the cloud above the left STAR tower. This should reveal a sun. Then if you have enough coins, upgrade the left STAR to max as well.

Next, work on destroying the plot of trees on the right of the right STAR tower.

The SUN and the left STAR will work on killing the pests. 

The bunch o' trees will reveal four FISH towers. Upgrade as you go. Work on destroying the small chest above the FISH to get extra coins.

Then immediately work on destroying the lower large chest. Upgrade FISH towers to max as you go.

The large chest will reveal ANCHOR towers. Make sure all your FISH towers have been upgraded to max. Then upgrade the three ANCHOR towers as shown. Change the upper right ANCHOR tower to a FREEZE tower. Upgrade to max.

NOTE: You may want to pause through this wave. There is a big pest that goes by really fast in this wave. You must have your FISH upgraded to max, as well as those ANCHORS and the FREEZE tower. These will help you kill that big pest.

Work on eliminating the obstacles at the right of the track. Start with the giant chest.

Continue with the rest of the obstacles on the lower right of track. The small crate on the left will actually reveal a STAR tower. Replace with a MUSHROOM (see photo below). Upgrade to max so you can collect extra coins. Work on the rest of the obstacles.

In the process, you will be able to destroy the small cloud hiding the OCTOPUS tower.
Upgrade that to max when you can.

Once you destroy the big lower right cloud, it will reveal four GREEN SHOOTERS (I call 'em PEA SHOOTERS, but this isn't Plants vs. Zombies, LOL). Replace the two left GREEN SHOOTERS with MUSHROOMS, such that three MUSHROOM towers line the right of the track. Upgrade all to max, including the GREEN SHOOTERS. Plant a STAR tower above the GREEN SHOOTERS. Upgrade that to max as well.

All that shooting will open up other obstacles.
Work on upgrading to max all the obstacles at the beginning of the track first.

Next, eliminate obstacles on top of the track. Plant FREEZE towers in its place. Upgrade to max.

See that POO tower? Delete that and replace with a FREEZE tower.

Next, upgrade to max those two FISH towers on the upper left of track. The hot air balloon to the right of the SUN tower will contain CLOVER/ WINDMILL towers. Delete the upper ones and replace with FREEZE towers. Upgrade to max.

The bunch of trees on a cloud to the left of the SUN tower will contain HOT STAR (red) towers. Once again, delete the two HOT STAR towers on top and replace with FREEZE towers, upgrade to max. Also work on upgrading your SUN.

Then work on upgrading the rest of your towers to max. Your game should look like the photo below.

Add a FREEZE tower above the MUSHROOMS. Upgrade to max. Plant a STAR tower under the lower right ANCHOR. Upgrade to max as you go.

Add a FREEZE tower to the right of the four FREEZE towers on top of track. Upgrade to max. This should help you slow down the pests in the last few waves.

With your extra coins, plant STAR towers under the CARROT. This will help with your defense.

And yes, upgrade to max.

By the end of wave 14, your game should look like this:

Pause your game. The replace the STAR tower (directly above the OCTOPUS) with a FREEZE tower. Replace two of your MUSHROOMS with FREEZE towers as well. See photo below:

The sole MUSHROOM should get you extra coins to plant more STAR towers
around the track. Upgrade for maximum defense.

All that maxed towers should help you kill the boss.

Pow, pow, pow! Ulch! LOL! Bye-bye, boss!

Et voila! YOU WIN!

Say what?! It's the GOLDEN CARROT!

GOLD and CLEAR! Yay!

So see, nothing to it! Good luck with your game! And remember, patience is a virtue. LOL!

Did this help you? Leave me a comment (I'd appreciate it if you'd like this post, too)! Thanks!

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