Friday, May 24, 2013


My siblings and I grew up watching Superbook. In fact, I still have our dusty (and probably moldy) VHS tapes of the old series. It was my goal to have my own kids watch it, as I learned many a Bible story from this childhood favorite. I think A got to catch a few episodes when we lived in Ortigas Center. But like I said, the tapes are dusty and although you could still get them to play by rewinding and forwarding it on a tape rewinder, our trusty old VHS player no longer works, LOL. And yet, the tapes still sit on the shelf, as I don't have the heart to toss them in the bin.

House of Praise sells the DVD version of the old series, but they have very limited stocks, as these have been phased out by the local distributor. UPDATE: I just checked. They've sold out. Sorry.

But then, here's good news! Superbook has been REIMAGINED!

Chris, Joy and Gizmo are back - this time sporting a new look! Catch the new SUPERBOOK SUPERLAUNCH this Saturday, 25 May 2013, (that's tomorrow) at the Robinson's Galleria Activity Center from 2 to 5 PM! Here's your chance to reminisce and relive a childhood favorite, and with your kids, too!

Heaps of FUN, LEARNING and GIVEAWAYS await you! There will be interactive games, presentations, photo booths, and a ton of activities for the whole gang! And guess what? You even get the chance to meet Gizmo!

What's more, we will finally get to catch Superbook on TV next month as it airs on GMA 7! Now isn't that great news?

See you tomorrow at the SUPERBOOK SUPERLAUNCH! It's going to be SUPER!


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