Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I had a long day. No nanny, and I have both kids at home (A is spending Mother's Day weekend here, then she's heading back to my folks' tomorrow - she's spending the summer there). We woke up late, so we had to rush to church because A had a meeting with her v-group. We were initially planning on having special lunch somewhere, but my family's celebrating tomorrow, so we saved our cash and did fastfood. LOL!

Church was encouraging. Pastor Larry spoke about mothers, even single moms, and how we go through each season with God at our side. Short of saying He's got our back, he encourages moms to never give up.

I had to battle doubt and bitterness early this morning. RL spoke to his dad on the phone, while I was in the bathroom. And A told me she feels bad for her little brother because she heard him telling R that he wants him home (to bring him to Jollibee and the "pelangke" to buy Maxx Candy, LOL). I don't understand how he can make empty promises over and over, and not feel bad for his kids.

But then, we're in this season, and God tells up there is hope on the next bend.

It is hard being a single mom. But as we ended church with a prayer, RL stood on the seat and wrapped his arms around me. There are things I may not be able to give my kids (like a decent dad, maybe), but I have come to realize... there is nothing wrong with me being a sole parent. And it isn't my fault R is the way he is. My kids are blessed regardless. They have a God who provides, a mom who loves them, grandmothers who dote on them, an achi who is more than a great big sister, and a whole load of aunties and titas who are more than willing to go the extra mile for their benefit.

To all the moms and mommy-figures in my kids' lives, Happy Mom's Day to you. xx

Happy Mother's Day!

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