Thursday, May 16, 2013

#ThrowbackThursday: Beach!

My kids love the beach. But we haven't been back this year. Last year, we went to far-off Lobo, Batangas for our company outing, but the beach there is rocky. A enjoyed though, because Lobo's shore is littered with hermit crab and shells. We don't take 'em home. She just loves them!

We were supposed to go to Boracay with my siblings for Labor Day, but couldn't get any more flights (as it was a last-minute decision). Oh well, maybe we could do Subic or Anvaya before school starts. Or yes, Mia, Matabungkay! 

Here are some beach photos of the kids taken three years ago.

This was at Adventure Beach, owned and operated by Camayan Beach Resort.

A spends most of the time searching for shells and hermit crab.

It is so hot right now in Manila. Makes me want to take that drive to the beach. Why aren't there clean and decent beaches nearby? So sad.

Which beach do you usually frequent?

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