Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frustrated, Take Two!

I am soooooooooo frustrated. My car is in the shop. And although they promised it would be out by this afternoon, it still isn't here.

"Maybe tomorrow..."

Ayah! Another promise. Their initial promise was Wednesday.

So here I am sitting in front of my laptop, typing out words to ease how I am actually feeling about this whole situation. Nope, not entirely bad. Others have it worse. At least, I have a car, even if it is in the shop. But I had sooooooooooo many plans this week, and I had to cancel those and cut them to suit my kind brother's schedule. He has small group now, and I'm stuck at the office. Yes, at 9pm.

This afternoon, while talking to the girl who handles admin stuff at the office, I was almost in tears. I was asking for a temp service car, and she couldn't provide one. And yet, each time I head home late at night, over a dozen cars sit in our office building's parking garage. Yes, just sitting there, cold and unused. So I asked again, this time sounding a bit of a boss in control of the situation. "Are you sure you don't have an extra car I can use?" I was feeling a tad angry already since she did promise she'd have my car ready tonight. I had to ask her 3x, forget that I asked her at least once every day since Monday. And finally, she says "Well, there is one, but it's for sale and your aunt has it reserved already."


All I wanted was to BORROW a car. Yes, because A is having a mini spa-rty, more of a belated one for last month's birthday, this saturday. And I have a ton of errands! And yet, in spite of the daily questions, she only tells me this now? NOW?!!

I call up my aunt to ask if I can borrow the reserved car. In less than a minute she says yes. (grrrr). So I call back the admin girl to let her know. She says she'll get someone to check on the car and she'll issue a gatepass. That was at 4pm.

I am sitting here NOW waiting for my brother. It's past 9 in the evening, and I decide to call the guard downstairs. Alas, I have a car I can use tonight and tomorrow! So much for waiting, may service car naman pala.


I got to talk to my friend T earlier -- was inviting her daughter (my godchild) to A's spa-rty, when she opens up about finances and consequences to wrong decisions made years ago. And she tells me about how her kids haven't been enrolled; how it's hard when you have a husband you can't outshine, because you have to think about what others will say (her hubby is in ministry). And I tell her how I was initially feeling pssh! about my situation, when clearly, it isn't anything compared to hers. :P

Ayah! Self-pity's such a drag. I was wallowing in it, and now, I've been slapped to face the reality that my life ain't shit compared to others who have theirs buried in dung (excuse the pun).

But I still feel a tad frustrated.

I have to learn how to count my blessings. And yes, count it all joy.

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:26

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