Sunday, May 1, 2011


This itch just won't go away.

Let me tell you... I've tried practically everything.

Attacking the itch...
Ignoring the itch...
Praying for the itch...

But the itch is still at it.

Tell me, what's a good way to stop the itch? The itch has a life of its own. The itch attempts to catch my attention, yet pretends not to exist (!!!). The itch is mistaken. I am in charge of my life. And over the itch. Can someone tell this itch to get a life, and not be a parasite in mine?


  1. Scratch that itch!
    Better yet, isumbong mo kay Abba!

  2. Sinimulan mo kasi kamutin.. ayan lumala.. hehehe take steroid na.

  3. Hehehe. Hindi ata tatablan 'to ng Steroid. Ibang klaseng itch 'to. :) LOL!


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