Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

This is my cousin (her dad and my mom are cousins), S, and her husband D! Our pastor!

This is the kind of marriage one gets when one waits for God's best! What an inspiration!


  1. Whaa?cousin mo pala si T? I thought you were related to D because you have the same last name, S!

  2. No, Pastor D and I aren't blood-related at all. :) And yes, si T ang cousin ko. Hehehe.

    Do I know you? ;)

  3. inggit ka na naman.

  4. Ngek. O_o I post a commercial and I'm inggit? I don't get it.

    Just super proud of T!

  5. wow so nice! and you're right with waiting for God's best :)

  6. No u don't know me. Same church, same circle of friends. I used to be one of your winners in HOP's FB contest where the question was how many yrs na ang HOP? revealed my age because of that.(embarrassing).
    Stumbled in your blog through fashion pulls' blind item. Was surprised to realize that the one in HOP is the same person here. Binasa ko ulit yung private message mo sa akin in FB and made the connection. And, no I'm not one of R's 'friends' haha
    Side effect in reading your blog: I refer to people in initials na rin. Oh dear....

  7. Ah! MC? I see you on D's and T's FB nga! :)

    Ah! The blind item. O_o


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