Monday, May 9, 2011

Merry Month of May!

May is my birth month. And not that I am counting on getting older by a year, but I love the month of May. We usually head to the beach, rain or shine. I know a lot of friends who hate the rain during the summer season, but I have come to embrace rain, especially when my birthday rolls along.

Yea, I can only count a few, uh... dry birthday parties. But it hardly ever mattered, as my mom always opted for swimming parties at our old guest house.

It's only the second week of May, and my month's almost full. We have a ton of things lined up. A's belated birthday bash (well, as soon as we get everything planned and running... KY! HELP!), two field trips for the kids, a couple of road trips out of town, promos, new products, new business, etc. These plus the fact that the hubby is in town (messing my schedule up, LOL). But who's complaining? I love the merry month of May!


I know I missed Mother's Day by a mile, but to cap off Mother's Day, I am having an eezy-peezy promo for all mommies out there! Stay tuned!

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