Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Need to Sleep!

I have to be in bed. A has a test early tomorrow morning at her new school. But I slept the whole day (was sick today) so sleep is evasive.

I still have that blog (photoblog!) on Beijing on draft. Really lazy to edit the photos. KY has been bugging me about photos from last year's Anvaya trip. Eeps.

R and I were supposed to have dinner last night. I rescheduled to today, but my stomach wasn't cooperating so I rain-checked again.

"May fever ka?"

"May nakain ka siguro..."

Concerned. Naks.

R has his good days, and really, sometimes, I see the old R in this man. Gaah! What am I saying? I should get some sleep na nga. I might reveal too much and have the haters pouncing again. I didn't do the inviting, ok?

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