Thursday, September 17, 2009

I cannot help but worry about R. My heart goes out to him, even when he doesn't really deserve it. But really, do any of us deserve any good thing? We're no different from nor better than the person next to us, we're all sinners. A few months ago, I decided to build a wall around my heart and acted like I didn't care about R. I was all smug about it, acting nonchalantly around him, trying to be strong when I was actually wearing a mask, pretending to be super girl. One day, my daughter said, "Mommy, why are you not kind to daddy?" And it hit me, I wasn't being a true steward of God's love. God even says to go as far as loving your enemies! Can you just imagine the pure and full extent of God's love?

Yes, even when we do not deserve forgiveness and salvation, God has given the life of His own Son to die for our sins.

Please help me pray for R. For his deliverance from sin and salvation from all unrighteousness. For protection and well-being. God is a gracious God. His grace is sufficient for anyone.


  1. I'm in a similar situation. Reading this post has opened my mind and has reminded me about being a good steward of God's love. Thanks, Kaye!

  2. I dunno what really had happened to ur R...all i know is that what happened to him is too inhumane to be accepted (im just basing it on reports) like from here:

    I have a friend whose really affected too maybe because what happened to him is not really right.

    Sabi ko na lang..."Baligtad na talaga ang mundo. Nilagay na ng "lolo" mo ang judgement sa kamay nya. tsk tsk"

    Be strong Kaye. Sana maging ok ang lahat sa inu ni R...time will tell and probably...heal.

    Ive been praying for you and your family ever since the news broke up. I know ul make it too.

    Ingats sa tour. =) you enjoy! =)

  3. hi kaye.. i've been reading your post since i heard from the news.. well i got interested because i was in the same situation months ago... not exactly the same, almost. My husband became involved with a married woman.. it was the first time he did while the woman naman is sanay na.. kasi for so many times na sya na-involve sa married men. even willing to leave her family behind.. napabayaan na nga ang kids nya sa yaya just to be with my husband. she did everything to get my husband.. we got separated for a few months.. to cut the story short.. i did everything to get him back.. and the best way is to pray for him.. i asked friends and family to pray with me every 10am.. a lot of people are telling me to stop going after him.. to just stay separated.. nasan na daw ang pride ko.. but then i told them.. "my pride is not important! I'm fighting for my family and the future of my kids because whatever i do to protect them our problems will surely affect my children.. in the end they will still have a broken family and in the future it will have an effect in their relationships.. and now thru God's grace we are back together and very very happy.. I'm so glad i didn't gave up on him and he also said so to me..

    And we learned that because God so loved us he wants us to live a better and happy life. So thru that experience he helped us fixed our marriage, our relationship. It was so painful and all but it was all worth it.. continue praying kaye.. God will fix everything in his time.


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