Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ignore the Discouragement, BE UNOFFENDABLE!

Attended two church services today. On tour with a band that led praise and worship at two different churches. Haven't really done this in a long time, but realized I needed the distraction.

I actually learned something from them today. When asked how they handle differences and issues amongst themselves, B replied with this smart answer: BE UNOFFENDABLE. If you choose not to let what others say offend you or affect you, then you have nothing to worry about. In my case, I need not let what others say discourage me or pull me down.

Once, when tasked to write an article for a monthly magazine at work, I wrote about how it shouldn't matter what others think about you. Because you know who and what you are, and it is your idea of yourself that should matter anyway. I led a group of canvassers for this wholesale chain, and we'd go around the metro asking business owners to sign up for the stores. On one of our projects in the QC area, I bumped into a college school mate manning his family's store. He looked at me from head to toe then told me and some of the men who were with me that they do not allow solicitations at their store. Never mind that we didn't say anything, he just threw us out. The men in my group felt bad and started complaining about how some business owners treat them badly, but really, what do these business owners know? These men were fine, honest individuals who had college degrees! So never mind what they think because they do not know. At least you know who you are and what you are. We still got rejected a lot after that, but the men knew to keep their chins up. They were, in a way, unoffendable.


The tour moves northwest tomorrow. I am excited because I haven't been to that part of this country at all. I am missing the kids. I wanted to chat with A on Facebook earlier but she was busy cleaning her fish tanks on Fishworld. All I got was "Hi mommy" and "Busy". So much for that.

Word for the day: FESTER - verb, meaning to cause or to become an increasing source of irritation ex. My bitterness just festered and grew. LOL!

Hope you had a happy weekend! ;)

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