Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I thought I had a thousand and one words for this blog today. But now, as I sit here in front of my laptop, I stare at the screen and I cannot find it in me to blog about what happened. All I can say is that I am disheartened that some people can be so cruel, to overlook the fact that there are kids involved in this whole brouhaha. So much so that it only matters to them that they get their stories out, forgetting that it isn't any of their business to do so. Sigh. I never imagined they'd do this. I am nothing short of appalled.

I have never been so angry in my life. I realized my hands were shaking right after I put the phone down (and I thought there was something wrong with my Vaio vibrating like so, LOL!). And today, I found it in me to cry. Twice. No, never dare threaten a mother who looks after her young. I still get angry thinking about it. I still have a thousand and one words for them, but only for them (and not this blog), so help me.


I spent a good two hours in A's school today. I got her report card yesterday and I am not surprised about the comments her teachers made. She has lost focus and spends a lot of time daydreaming, staring into space, talking to her seat mates, etc. My daughter has her mind elsewhere. Just the other day, I overheard her talking to a friend and she was saying how sad she was because her dad hasn't visited in weeks. And although I know she knows she won't be seeing him anytime soon, I cannot bring myself to tell her so. I look at her at night when she's asleep, and think of ways to infuse strength to her character, and I crumble at the thought that I can't protect her all the time.

So today, as I left A's school, I looked at my daughter and even though I saw sadness in her eyes, she managed to smile back when I smiled at her. I may not be able to take her away from the reality of things, but we can pretend. So tonight, we will pretend. We will forget about our problems. Yes, a great comedy like Kimmy Dora sounds good. :) We both know we need a good laugh.


  1. It breaks my heart knowing that your kids are the ones most hurt by all these.... sending hugs for you and your babies :) Stay strong and keep your unwavering faith... this too shall pass....

  2. hi kaye, it's already my habit that everyday i check on your blog. and i feel sad too whenever you feel like this. the only way i can help is to pray for you esp.A. Be strong Kaye. jansport_np@yahoo

  3. hi kaye, just wondering what church here in manila you're attending... i am with jesus is lord church in music museum. How about you? -jansport_np@yahoo


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