Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Are Your Real Friends?

Real friends do not hesitate.
Moreover, real friends do not tolerate.

Some friends push you to do wrong. They turn their heads and look away, as if saying, "Go ahead, I do not see." Real friends, take you by the hand, bring you to a corner and say "Stop. You are going the wrong way."

But then again, birds of the same feather... are the same birds. LOL!


Trying to find a little humor in everything that is going on.


I wonder if R realizes who his real friends are. I am just thankful that he has a handful from his childhood who love and care for him unconditionally. The phone of one of his childhood best friends has been ringing off the hook since Friday night. These friends were there when he had nothing. They were there when he had some. Why he threw them out of his life when he met this new set of 'friends', I do not know. But the old set are his real friends - waiting in the sidelines 'til he wakes up from his silly dream.

I, on the other hand, am blessed to have my friends. My Facebook Wall is flooded with prayers and messages of support. Friends from way, way back have sent me emails and PMs. I am overwhelmed. God says blessed are the persecuted. In spite of all the chaos going on around me... yes, I am blessed indeed.

EDIT: I saw a good friend today at a nearby grocery. Funny we bumped into each other there, of all places! It was good to see a familiar face. Met some of her friends too. Such a small, small world we live in! Amazed that they have been praying and fasting for me - to think her friends don't even know me. We got to talk about how God can turn situations around and use it for His glory.

Truly, God has a purpose for everything that has happened. We cannot see it now, but as I've said in the past, He meant this for good. He can make something beautiful out of all these. Even when the whole world tells you that you are doing the wrong thing; Even when the world thinks you are foolish in choosing the path God has set out for you. As long as the Lord leads you down that path, and He strengthens your resolve to do His will, then go - GO AGAINST THE FLOW. God can do anything. For with Him, all things are possible!

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  1. I admire your courage and strength, God is so delighted with your praises. Trueness to His words, never will He forsake you, people around the globe are His instruments to show how much He loves you, and you have your family and true friends! Each day people visit your blog and your earn their respect! Keep it up Ms. Kaye, you are helping others with your words!


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