Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Posts

I am reviving my old, old posts. I want you all to see how I've reached this point. I must warn you though, some are very, very bitter. I'd like to think I am no longer the old K, and I hope you see that too.


  1. Im kinda feeling guilty for being nosy but I just cant stay away from your blog. It's not because Im a "tsismosa" but I admire how you face challenges in your life.

    We may have different problems but the verses and the message of your blog entries help me get through my own demons.

    Thanks for sharing God's words and your thoughts with us inspite of the pain that you're going through right now...

  2. saw this link in one of "showbiz" site, i must say i like you though we dont know each other.. you just presents realities of life that makes us different people, i say you're a better person now. goodluck!

  3. I know you're still young but I'm amazed at the way you handle the adversities that have come your way. Consciously or not, you have blessed other people, including me, with your scripture-based thoughts. I know you're a real Christian...keep on writing 'cause you're an inspiration to your readers. God bless.


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