Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Things I Need Right Now.

I need a break.

If I could get away, I'd want to do these things:
1. Go on a vacay.
2. Get a massage.
3. Go to the beach and sleep.
4. Stay in bed the whole day and watch Junior Master Chef.
5. Snuggle with someone special. (guffaw!)

I need a nanny.

If my old nanny comes back, or if I find a new one, I'd be able to:
1. Watch a movie with my girlfriends.
2. Go shopping with A! (I wanna go to Divi, too!)
3. Finally go on that road trip to Clark.
4. Go Klang-Klang with my godmother, B. :)
5. Sleep.

I need a raise.

Well, not necessarily at work. I just need to up my personal budget because of all the things I've been doing lately. Haha, read: overworked and unappreciated. If I had more moolah, I'd be...
1. Buying a new bag.
2. Getting those books from Fully Booked that I've been grabbing and putting back (how sad).
3. Buying that S95!
4. Enrolling in James' Editing Class.
5. Upgrading my Vaio.

I need a long-term plan.

I've been dealing with the here and now, and keep putting off things for the future. Seriously, I need to be...
1. Tithing correctly (toinks).
2. Setting aside at least 10-20% for savings.
3. Looking at getting a place of our own.
4. Setting up another business for extra income.
5. Putting up my kids' college funds!!! Argh!

I need to get my things-to-do list off my back.

I am up to my neck with work. I have to do the following at work:
1. Put in my US and UK orders.
2. Get out the new photo catalog and product information manual.
3. Placing that DVD order with IMA!!!
4. File! File! File!
5. Send out the contracts for HMA and IMU.


How about you? What do you need right now?

ps. I was gonna say "I need a man" but I thought otherwise. I don't need one right now. Too stressful. LOL!

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