Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beef Yakiniku

I am craving for Pepper Lunch's Beef Yakiniku (yes, I just had dinner). The last time I had it was two sundays ago, at their Rockwell store.

I love their Beef Yakiniku over the other Pepper Rice offers. I am not much of a pepper person, unlike my brothers who love it all over their food. The Yakiniku is sweet (like korean bbq!) and the fat beef makes it one very tasty dish. No need for the garlic sauce, I say. I love it the way it is. A usually shares this with me, and we also share a side of their Kani shake! shake! salad. My little boy loves the udon in this, so lately, we've been getting two orders.

Tomorrow is Rockwell Sunday for the family. I shall con my folks into doing Pepper Lunch lunch again. Yes, just so I can have my Beef Yakiniku fix. ;)

Check out the Pepper Lunch Philippines Facebook page here. For updates on promos and new offerings, follow them on Twitter here.

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