Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Little Office Boy

3 weeks. 4 weeks this Saturday. That's how long our nanny has been away. She has hives all over, from a dwende curse, she says. Who am I to question what she says? I've tried talking her into seeing the doctor, but noooo... she prefers a faith healer. She's been to three already, spending thousands, and yet, she is still not well. One confirmed it to be a smitten dwende, while another said it is Kulam. I've told her to pray, that she should fear only God, and that He is omnipotent in power, bigger than any dwende curse, but nope, that didn't convince her either.

So anyway, because I have no other helper at home to watch the little boy (that, plus no hubby to help me out, duh), I have no choice but to take RL with me to the office. Poor baby, he's been at it for over 3 weeks now - waking up earlier than necessary, naps at odd hours, no Playhouse Disney (except the occasional, if a PC is available, and very limited videos on YouTube), no decent meals (wait, who am I kidding? but this is another story), no afternoon baths, late work hours, no toys, etc. etc. It's been a struggle, I'm telling you. It is one thing to be a work-at-home mom, and another thing to be a full-time working mom with baby in tow. Sigh.

Here are some of pictures of my little office boy.

Watching Pocoyo (with A) on YouTube on his first day.

Filing... (Can you guess what he was really doing here? LOL!)

Cleaning... (actually, playing with the new broom an officemate got for me on his last Baguio trip)

Playing Sneezies on the Touch during Business Lunch.

Odd-hour naps on the old couch.

Taken today: Seriously watching Timmy Time on the Touch.

Sigh. Someone find me a nanny!

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