Thursday, February 24, 2011

Piso for Your Thoughts

I am thinking I should re-publish all those blog posts I hid back in 2009. I mean, looking at my blog history on the sidebar, parang how sad naman that I only have few posts up for view. I have tons hidden - due to privacy, controversy, bitter and anger content, etc.

So should I? What do you think?


  1. Hi,
    I wouldn't mind reading them :) I've been following you for about a few weeks now. First saw your name at tina tagle's blog on comments and I remembered how my barkada and I loved the first wives movie so much. Buti ka nga your hidden posts are just protected, me? I've set up an entirely different blog just for that, complete with hidden identity *lol* Keep up doing those bento lunches, sooo adorable :)


  2. yes please im your avid fan! ;P

  3. i wud love to read them too....u r an amazing woman for still holding on to your marriage until now...I've been following you since the scandal...saw your blog while reading one of the news about the incident...may God bless u and ur 2 kids always :)

  4. u should! that's stuff that i havent been able to read yet. waiting...

  5. Ok! I'm gonna do this slowly. Gonna make sure I republish those that won't implicate anyone or get anyone... uh... in trouble. Hihihi.

    Thanks for your inputs!

  6. I agree! I like reading your blog especially when you talk about God, your life, family and food!!


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