Thursday, February 24, 2011

A's Lunch Today

A has been asking for Spam. It's been a while since she's had any. We try to limit our processed food intake to a monthly treat (but yea, more like a weekly treat in my house O_o). So decided I was going to be nice and give in to her wish.

I wasn't able to make her bento lunch yesterday. We were running late. RL has been having a hard time sleeping at night, due to odd nap hours in the office. He should be napping by 1pm, but lately, he's been staying up 'til 4pm, napping 'til past 6pm. So it takes a while (a long while!!!) to get him to sleep at night. Tuesday night, he was awake 'til 230am of Wednesday (nyar).

So yea, the early-morning-bird in me was JUST A PHASE. LOL! I'm back to the night-owl-K.

Today, I tried to make her lunch extra special. I still need to dig out my new bento stash (still in boxes from the move). I was thinking of doing a Hello Kitty-themed lunch. I have bread presses that are fun to use. So I used the small bread cutters on the Spam slices to make silhouettes of Kitty and her friend Bear.

Hello Kitty and Bear Spam slices. Cute, no?

I planned on doing just bread and Spam. But my daughter is a rice person. When I mentioned I was making her Hello Kitty bread, she looked at me and said "But mom, I want rice!" LOL. So I made Spam Fried Rice to go with her extra Spam pieces, and limited the bread to a few pieces (for extra cuteness lang, hehe).

2-yolk egg for the Spam Fried Rice.

So there. Hello Kitty Spam on a bed of Spam Fried Rice, with a few pieces of Hello Kitty and Bear bread for extra cuteness. LOL!

RL thinks Bear is Special Agent Oso. Pwede!

Close Up. Sorry, old phone cam again. (Must get an S95 soon!)


  1. Love this! I miss making bento. Hehe

  2. Wow! You get an A+ for effort and creativity! :)


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