Monday, February 21, 2011


I have no idea why I woke up at 6am today, earlier actually, if you consider that my phone was set 15 minutes ahead. I tried playing Freecell on my phone to get myself back to bed, but that didn't work. So I forced myself out of bed, washed up, and decided to start preparing A's school lunch.

She had wanted scrambled eggs with cheese. When she told me this Saturday night, I realized we were out of eggs and made a mental note to get a dozen before the week started. But I found those cool 2-yolk eggs at DEC yesterday when K and I got the folks some fresh lumpia takeout (about 100pesos a dozen, I think). So scrambled eggs it is.

Check out the size of these eggs.

Seriously, they don't even fit those ready-made egg holes in the fridge.

I was so awake, I decided to go creative and made her a bento lunch. Yes, J, no maid and I decide to make imBento. Crazy energy at 7am. Must be the early morning sun.

Thinking of doing another simple bento tomorrow, but it's hard when the nanny isn't around to do the prep. Haha, I'm such a lazy bento maker. LOL!

(Photos taken using my old phone camera. Yes, that's an AA battery, crazy big egg huh!)


  1. Hi! Mye here. Just want to ask where you got the rice molders?so cute. :)

  2. Hi Mye! I got those at Daiso in HK but try Saizen in Robinsons Galleria or Trinoma. :) They should have rice molds for Bento. :)


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