Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ImBENTO... Again.

So today I woke up earlier than usual. Yes, again. 545am and I stared out the windows to check out the sunrise. Then went back to bed, played a little Freecell and found myself awake. They say there comes a time in your life when your clock goes all wrong, and I think I'm at that "time". I'm a night owl and I like, nay, LOVE to sleep in.

Ok, so maybe this is just a phase.

So I made A a bento lunch once again. No creative juices this morning. Just plain Tyson Breast Nuggets and Rice (ok, I slightly burnt one side, shhhh).

Decided to make her a sunny-side-up, but the 2-yolk eggs were too big for the silicone mold. The yolks broke pa, so I had one and a half hearts. LOL!

I wonder if I'll be up early enough to cook her lunch tomorrow... we're coded. That plus, I'm running out of ideas (lest I want to make her a spam lunch, she loves that).


We've been on our own for over 3 weeks now. The nanny has hives all over her body due to some dwende curse and she hasn't been in touch this week (last time she texted only to ask how we were and to tell me she wasn't well just yet). I'm thinking of finding a replacement already since she also informed us she was leaving by May to take care of her kids. Where does one find good help nowadays (my last 3 nannies were sisters)? I dread to get one from the agency. The last time my mom got one from an agency, she was my brother's nanny from hell.

Speaking of which, there is a photo circulating on FB. A warning on a nanny who stole things from her employers all the 5 years she was with them. I am thinking of posting that photo of RL's former nanny, G (not a sister, but a cousin of A's nanny. yes, this is the one who got the pox, and yes, the one who took RL on her date with that textmate boyfriend of hers). Hmmm, I have to go and find a decent pic.

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