Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bitter Melon

Feeling a tad bitter with the previous post on R's "friend", but from now on, I am holding my tongue and not allowing the devil to use me in this battle.

R has been quiet lately and I can only guess why. But I will not bother him with questions. Instead I am letting God handle it. He works even when I cannot see or do not know, so He knows what's best.


Bob Steinkamp recently passed away, and although I am saddened by this loss, I know God has used him and Charlyne in more ways than they had ever imagined when they first started Rejoice Ministries (20 years ago!). Rejoice Ministries will never be the same, but Bob's legacy lives on! With that, in honor of Bob, I am posting The Stander's Affirmation for all you standers out there. God is on your side, NEVER allow anyone to push you towards giving up.

Fighting to save your marriage? Want daily encouragement from Charlyne and fellow standers? Check out Rejoice Ministries here.

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  1. I'm really in awe and can only imagine what a strong woman you are. And I've been silently admiring your faith, your thoughts and your walk. And now this stander's affirmation.

    In my experience, I have not yet gotten to the point where I would bless rather than heap curses from heaven and call upon God's wrath :) and I cannot even imagine til now how to gather the grace to do so.

    You're an amazing woman and your children and family are so blessed to witness to your faith. Thanks for this blog. I'm really learning from you...God bless you. :)


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