Monday, February 14, 2011


Look who conned her folks into having Pepper Lunch for Sunday Brunch yesterday... ME! When I posted my previous entry on craving for Beef Yakiniku, I knew I was being psychic. LOL! True enough, the next day, the folks made us choose between another Rockwell resto and Pepper Lunch. Pepper Lunch won! Reason? My mom was craving for some Yakiniku as well. Teehee. The place was packed! At 1030am! I guess everyone was thinking of having the same thing. I've never enjoyed Pepper Lunch as much as I did yesterday.

Doesn't this Beef Yakiniku Rice look nom? I am wanting it again, just by looking at this pic. Sorry, too lazy to lug the Canon around, so took a photo with my cheap phone cam. :P

My mom ate up her whole order. She filled up too soon, so she wasn't able to eat any of the Kani Salad. Her solution? Take out not one, but 3 orders for dinner! LOL!

I Pepper Lunch!

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