Monday, September 30, 2013

Banking Problems!

What is it with banks? Today, I've had to deal with two of them. Although I haven't had big problems in the past, today... well today was different.

I received an OTP (one time pin) message from Banco De Oro, informing me that I needed to input the pin for an online purchase. Only I wasn't purchasing anything online. Nor was I on their Online Banking site. I called the hotline and informed them about the situation, plus I wanted to check that the transaction didn't go through.

The girl on the other end of the line kept insisting that the OTP was just to check if my phone was valid and working. I told her (about 5x) that the message said something about the pin being sent for an online purchase. And yet, she refused to listen. After the 5th try, she goes to check with her supervisor. Supervisor apparently claims it could only be two things:

1) Someone was trying to access my online banking account, or
2) I had received a glitch (as they had some sort of a problem two months ago, according to M - the girl on the line).

To which I replied: "Miss, I received a text that said the pin was being sent to me for an online purchase (reads text). So I want to check if there is a floating transaction or a denied one, just so I can be sure someone was indeed trying to use it."

The girl finally understood but said, "Wala naman kayong na-receive na PIN diba? (You didn't receive a PIN anyway, right?)" I did! I just didn't give her the numbers! What if she was the one trying to purchase something?!

This went on for another 3 to 5 minutes, until she goes, "Ma'am, if you want to report this as Credit Card Fraud, we're going to have to block your card."

"Miss, all I want to know is if indeed someone has attempted to use it! And what for?"

She goes back to her supervisor, and he told her to tell me someone may be accessing my Online Banking account. So all I had to do was just change my password. I logged onto the account and it gave me a One Time Pin via text, only with a different message! Online purchase nga yung first text! Haay, these banks! Anyway, after 15 minutes on the phone, she checks my credit card account and verified there weren't any floating amounts.

Miss, that's all I wanted to know.

~~~ * ~~~

I have a current (checking) account with Bank of America. Opened it over 22 years ago when I lived in Riverside. Last year, they stopped sending me statements. My last debit card expired in 2008. I haven't received any replacement cards. So I asked their Twitter account for help and was told to call their International Toll-Free Hotline. Today, I called to follow up, and was told that their system reflects my account was closed by BofA last year! And Customer Service agent, Angela, can't even tell me how or why?

I was told the account had an overdraft of about $30+ and that that's all she could see. I have about $4000+ in that particular account, not that big for most of you, but that is BIG for me and the kids. That would pay for A's tuition for the next two years. Big money.

I don't remember ever receiving a notice that they were closing the account down. As far as I know, I've maintained their required minimum balance, and they haven't charged me any service fees for it. Also, I haven't written any checks since the 90s! My last withdrawal of funds was in 2004. And last year, I had filled out and mailed an info form to let them know I was still here, and that I would still want to maintain my account with them.

So why did they close the account?!!! I have yet to call their Recovery Department, but would have to do so between 8AM to 8PM EST! And because it is a different number, it isn't toll-free. *Groan* I've googled and read that BofA is doing the same thing to others. What gives?!

Bank of America, give me my money back, PLEASE!

~~~ * ~~~

If you read this, please say a little prayer of petition for my banking problems. It may not be big compared to others, but for a single mom sending two kids to school (in the Philippines, where schooling isn't free), it is a pretty big deal. Lord, HELP!

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