Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Create Your Own Bento Photo Contest!

Thank you to my little brother KA for
tweaking my logo for me. ©
Have you been following me on Instagram? My account @Momma_Makes_ImBento now has over 370+ followers. That much in just a few weeks, I think. So much has been happening the past month - I got to meet some kindred spirits; the girls and I put together a BentoMommas support page; we've received print and TV requests for features and tutorials; I have a one-on-one workshop planned for next week; and... I recently finalized a tie-up with Saizen (!) - yes, all thanks to my bento addiction! With all this going on, I saw it fit to have my brother make me a logo. LOL. Yep, my very own Momma Makes ImBento logo! Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, a tie-up! Imagine that, my love for all things bento has borne fruit! So without further ado, let me get to the point of this post: Saizen is having a bento photo contest!

Brought to you by Saizen, in partnership with this BentoMomma - ME!

Now's your chance to show off your bento skills! Get a chance to win P3,000 worth of Saizen Gift Certificates!

Some guidelines to take note of! 

So get those cameras ready, take photos of your bento work and send them to Saizen! Make sure you read the mechanics thoroughly. 

This promotion is open to Philippine residents only.

Good luck!

For more details, visit Saizen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The 'Create Your Own Bento Photo Contest' is a promotion run solely by Saizen by Daiso Japan. This blogger's participation is limited to co-judging the photos in order to determine the contest winners. BentoMommas' participation in this promo is limited to just BentoMomma Kaye Sy-Catral of @Momma_Makes_ImBento, and does not involve the other featured BentoMommas in any way.

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