Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bento Shopping at Saizen!

The girls and I make it a point to check out Saizen regularly for bento tools. When I say "regularly", I mean once or twice a week. Yes, that often. We're bento addicts and we don't mind the extra hours spent doing something we so enjoy. So we were at Robinsons Galleria lately, and we checked out the Saizen store for more bento finds.

Saizen is our happy place. I could shop here for hours. I love how they get new stocks every week.
I don't want to bore you with my endless chit-chat, so I shall let the photos do the talking. I added inputs as captions. I wanted to buy everything! So kawaii lah!

Saizen is celebrating Bento Month! Their bento tools are on highlighted displays 'til the end of September.
These kiddie cutlery sets are just too cute! I got RL the frog set and A the bunny set.
Just when I was thinking I have enough cutters, I went and bought more. LOL!
More cookie/sandwich cutters. These are also good for ham, spam, bread, cheese, etc.
I love barans, they make the bento box prettier! I already have all three kinds!
Saizen has a wide selection of Bento Boxes!
They have loads, and I think I end up buying one or two each time I visit!
More bento boxes...
A closer look at those kawaii bento boxes! The strawberry ones are adorable. 
If you're making bento boxes for yourself, and prefer traditional boxes, they have those, too! 
Saizen also has a wide array of chopsticks. Plastic ones, wooden ones, kiddie ones, even trainer chopsticks!
Looking for Onigiri molders? Look no further, Saizen has the complete line!
More cute cutlery sets.
A Sanrio fan? Saizen also has a Sanrio section, all that Hello Kitty for that great, low price of P88!
Look at all their Stainless Steel cutters!!! Use these for just about anything - cutting veggies, molding rice/eggs, and more!
Mini Cookie Cutters!
These shapes are a must-have!
Japanese blossoms cookie cutters! 
If you are new to bento-making, make sure you get yourself a new cutting board! Use it exclusively for all things bento. 
This looks like a nifty cutting board - anti-odor, flexible and comes with a built-in ruler.
All things silicone! 
Mold chocolates for dessert or jello for the little one!
Yes, you can even do gummi candy at home!
Silicone "rings" in different shapes for pancakes and eggs.
FINALLY! Stocks of smaller silicone cups! Take out the lid and use the cups for your bento box! 
More silicone and easy Microwave baking tools - make your own waffles, mini cakes churros, etc. 
Cook your pancakes in these cute pans!
Adorable piggy! Imagine cooking your pancake on this,
then having your kids decorate them! Yes, great activity!
A nice tea strainer is essential for bubble-free and smooth egg sheets.
Are your kids particular about their dessert getting mixed in with their lunch?
Store the dessert in these tiny and cute Hello Kitty zipped bags! 
In Japan, a bento meal isn't complete without a wet washcloth to wipe your hands with after eating.
These original and licensed Hello Kitty ones are small enough for your kids' lunchbags.
Store your wet washcloths in these equally-cute, multi-purpose containers.
Saizen doesn't only carry bento tools of all kinds, they also have food! My friends and I were talking about how, when we enter the supermarket, all we see are bento possibilities. The snacks they sell at Saizen are all bento winners! Check these out!

A full aisle and a half of food, food and more food! This is their snack aisle!

Mixed Dried Fruit! Makes a good yogurt topper.
That way, the yogurt doesn't easily spill out.
Shaped crackers and cookies are always a hit!
Mini Cream-filled Wafer Rolls!
#omnomnom So many bento possibilities!
Star-shaped chocolate cereal puffs!
Pocky, Pretz, Yan Yan and Hello Panda heaven! Mix and Match for only P88!
Look at all these sweet treats! In Japan, they would occasionally pack a preserved plum as dessert. Wouldn't you prefer a candy? LOL!
Caramel Corn! That, folks, is the Japanese popular cartoon, Anpanman!
Don't forget to grab a pack of nori! The Japanese ones work best with onigiri!

Alas, all good shopping days must come to an end. Do I have to tell you we helped Saizen close shop? We were there until closing, imagine that! I must have spent 2 hours browsing and shopping. I really, really enjoy their store!

'Til the next bento shopping day!


Your One-Stop Shop for all things Japanese, all for P88!

Find Saizen at the following malls:
Robinsons Galleria * Robinsons Magnolia * Robinsons Metro East * Robinsons Place Manila * Market! Market! BGC * Trinoma * Robinsons Abreeza Mall - Davao * Robinsons Bacolod * Robinsons Cagayan de Oro * Robinsons Calasiao * Robinsons Centrio * Robinsons Meycauayan * Robinsons Place Iloilo * Robinsons Place Palawan * Robinsons Place Tacloban * Ayala District Mall Imus * Pavillion Mall - Sta.Rosa 



  1. Bento craving satisfied! It's always a joy to go to Saizen. I'll never get tired of going there. Happy!

  2. Hi! Which branch of saizen is this please? I've gone twice to the one in Market Market and a lot of these stuff aren't there :(

  3. This is Saizen Robinsons Galleria.

  4. Thank you . Sigh. All their branches are so far :(


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