Friday, September 20, 2013

Teaching Compassion.

My daughter A has been talking about this new girl in the school bus, E, who is some sort of a bully. "The other kids call her Donya since she's such a boss, but she's the newbie, so it's irritating."

That was a couple of months ago. And during that conversation, I wondered if I was lacking as a parent, and if I failed to teach my kids compassion. I discussed each situation that A claimed to be "annoying" and proceeded to lecture her about doing "what Jesus would have done." I cited many possibilities resulting in the kid's attitude toward her new bus mates, including the fact A supplied - "she lives alone with her lola."

And I thought she understood what it meant to see past faults after that conversation.

This morning, while in bed, RL comes up to discuss school bus stories (he rides the bus home with his sister).

RL: "Mom, Ate A doesn't like me talking to Ate E (same new girl in the bus)."
K: "Why? Does she (E) bully you? Does she fight with you?"
RL: "No."
K: "No one talks to her? Doesn't she have any friends?"
R (answering with conviction): "She does! One friend!"
K: "Who?"
RL: "ME!!!"

While I am sad that I need to have another talk with my daughter, my heart is rejoicing over RL and his heart. 

"Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it." (Proverbs 22:6 NCV)

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