Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happiness In A Box!

Have you purchased a Happy Meal from McDonald's lately? 

RL getting his Happy Meal in the iconic red Happy Meal box!
Drive Thru at McDonald's Loyola Heights, Katipunan

That's right! Noticed how the Happy Meal now comes in a red box? It does! McDonald's Philippines has brought back the Happy Meal box! Oh joy!

Ronald McDonald and SVP for Marketing Margot Torres
with the new Happy Meal box!
Launched in 1979, the Happy Meal was designed especially for kids and thus was added to the McDonald's menu. I don't know about you, but I have probably had more Happy Meals than regular value meals - it happens when you have kids. And also when you don't, Haha! Who can forget the historical Snoopy x Happy Meal collection? I remember even trading those Snoopy toys with my friends and relatives.

Today, my kids collect Happy Meal toys like crazy! Momma has to have the occasional Happy Meal lunch just to complete the toys that come with it (read: Despicable Me, Smurfs, Hello Kitty, etc). That is why I am excited that McDonald's Philippines has brought back the Happy Meal box! It is like giving the kids a present! The box adds an element of surprise to the Happy Meal! And my kids have always loved the Happy Meal box! Would you believe that they even bring home the box from McDonald's visits overseas? Yes, we are more than glad that the iconic red Happy Meal box is back - we are ecstatic!

Get McDonald's World Famous Fries with your Happy Meal today!

What's more, McDonald's has created new options for the Happy Meal. You can get the 4-pc Mini Hotcake Happy Meal or the Hamdesal Happy Meal for breakfast. Plus, did you know you now can get fries with your Happy Meal? Yes, the regular Happy Meal options can now come with a serving of McDonald's World Famous Fries. Or without. The choice is yours! Their Burger McDo Meal costs only P85! That comes with a Burger McDo, a drink, regular fries, and a Happy Meal toy!

RL receiving our McDelivery of Happy Meals last Saturday! His smile = PRICELESS!

Surprise your kids with a Happy Meal, and make this day special for them! 

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