Friday, September 27, 2013

S&R Members' Treat: The Hoarder In Me...

... exercised restraint.

During the first day of S&R's Members' Treat, that is. Because I surely blew my budget when RL and I went back yesterday. Nyar. Only because I had to buy another office table for the store, and bed sheet sets for my brother's girlfriend. Okay, okay, I did spend more than I planned. I was thinking to just check out the store.

Anyway, let me save the experience for another post. This one's all about my Members' Treat loot. Be sure to check again tomorrow to see how it was during the first day, and for that post on other great buys in store. Meanwhile, here's what I got... far. LOL!

I got one during EARLY BIRD, but need more for my cats.
Purina Tidy Cats 50lbs, SALE PRICE: P549.95

Was hoping this one would go lower for Members' Treat. 
Itso Fabric Bin, Medium, SALE PRICE: P149.95

Can't have too many hangers!
Merrick Hanger for Kids, 8s, SALE PRICE: P99.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

I need new kitchen mats! Our dog murdered the last one!  
Mohawk Utility Mat 18"x 30", SALE PRICE: P199.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

Been wanting to get this, so this time, I allotted moolah for it. 
Seville Slimline Tower Fan, SALE PRICE: P2,299.95

Nice Christmas gift pack.
Rubbermaid Hydration Bottles, 4s, SALE PRICE: P499.95

Yes, I am a sucker for containers of all sorts. The Take Alongs box is two-slotted. Ok for adult bento.
Rubbermaid Take Alongs 3s, SALE PRICE P149.95; and Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Bottles, SALE PRICE: P249.95

I don't know why I bought this. Looks nice and nifty, I suppose.
Snapware Airtight 8pc Storage, SALE PRICE: P349.95

Got one for my brother!
Sandra Chef's/ Santoku Knife, P59.95!

I actually bought different kinds, the rest are in the car.
Assorted Lenticular Puzzles, SALE PRICE: P199.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

Finally on sale this year!
Kotex Natural Balance Unscented Liners 256ct, SALE PRICE: P499.95

Not mine. Got this for my friend, AL.
Kotex Curves Long Liners, 81 pcs; SALE PRICE: P399.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

The regular ones aren't on sale. This would do.
Kleenex Minty Pocket Tissue 10s, SALE PRICE: P119.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

For #tbt? LOL! Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-treated hair!
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Shampoo/ Conditioner Color Protect, SALE PRICE: P249.95 EACH

The BGC store has other kinds - Antibacterial and the clear one my mom prefers.
Simply Right Moisturizing Hand Soap with Aloe Vera, SALE PRICE: P399.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

Yes, new variants of Planters! They also have Green Onion and Garlic, I think.
Planters Five Alarm Chili Dry Roasted Peanuts, SALE PRICE: P159.95; Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard, SALE PRICE: P149.95

It was PopCorners vs Pepero last night. RL opted for Pepero.
Lotte Pepero Almond, SALE PRICE: P229.95; Dole Cherry Mixed Fruit Cups, SALE PRICE: 379.95

My little boy hates marshmallows. He got these for his sister and the nanny's girls.
Guandy Star Light Peppermint Marshmallows, SALE PRICE: P79.95 BUY ONE, TAKE ONE

I actually got more than these. Just the usual - Luncheon Meat, Canola Oil, Vienna Sausage, Ketchup, Snacks, Laundry Detergent, Ice Cream, etc. Will update with prices tomorrow.

What did you hoard?

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