Saturday, February 20, 2010

All Good.

Sent a text message to my business partner J (and a whole lot of friends, actually) in an attempt to find a new nanny. I was in despair, really. Pathetic, no? The news of our nanny's imminent departure caught me by surprise, although I remember that a few weeks after Christmas, she did mention something about going back to school sometime soon. I just didn't think it'd be THIS soon. Don't ask me what she plans to do from the time she leaves 'til school opening, because I do not know really. I don't even want to know anymore. I'm just sad that it has to be so soon.

So this morning, I received a reply from J and it served as a great reminder that even when some things don't go as smoothly as one wants it to be (like life, for example, and all its trials), God is in charge. J reminded me that the issue at hand only involves a nanny! A nanny, K! You lost your husband a few months back and it hasn't fazed you! Why should a nanny's leaving you disrupt your composure, let alone your faith that God has something better in store for you!?

And you know, she is right! God has someone better for us. He has our good in mind. It's all good. I'm all good. That better nanny will come. In the meantime, I shall count it all joy. :)

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  1. I read this post too late :( I must have known this earlier since our helper's sister is looking for a new place to work for 2 weeks already. Instead, she decided to go home and bought a ticket for Bacolod only yesterday. My nanny also is leaving us at the end of April and will look for her replacement too.


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