Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Date That Never Was

R asked us out for dinner Monday night. 8pm, he said. But I already knew. It wasn't going to happen. So at 7pm, I had A eat dinner. True enough, 8pm came and went. At 9pm, I had A call her dad.

Where he was, I do not know. But he wasn't anywhere near our place. Apparently, I didn't call to remind him. He was the one asking us out on a date, and I had to remind him?! Gimme a break. So he wanted us to drive to where he was, but I was already tired. Besides, I was no longer in the mood to see him.

So he rescheduled. To Wednesday night. I already have this feeling, you know. Wait... why am I even agreeing to this? Legal Wives usually get the 14th for Valentine's, right? How many women were lined up this year, so much so that I ended up with the 17th of February?

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