Thursday, February 25, 2010

MineShine Milk Tea

I've had my fair share of milk tea. Bitter ones, hot ones, over-powering ones, watery ones, etc. etc. On my last Hong Kong trip, I was fortunate to have tasted several great tasting Milk Tea - cold ones! My cousins from the US, who were with me during that trip, were complaining on how it is customary in the US to just say "Milk Tea" and it comes to them cold. In Hong Kong, milk tea is, well... hot. So once, during dinner at Cafe de Coral, they were questioning the fact that I was able to order for cold milk tea, while they were served the hot one still. I shrugged and said I told the order taker so. "Milk Tea. Cold. Ping." LOL. And it came cold. Voila!

In the Philippines, there are a number of great tasting brands. One favorite is Simple Life's Cold Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. But Simple Life only has branches in UST and along Dapitan, so I only get to drink it once in a blue moon - when my cousin goes home early from school and passes by the office to bring me an order.

Then there is Quickly's Red Milk Tea, which only a few branches have. I think I've only tasted it at their Theater Mall, Greenhills branch. Mmmmm... slushy milk tea with tapioca balls. Mmmmm...

Recently, there was a sale at Hi-Top for Pokka's Milk Tea in Can. Not so smooth, a bit bitter, but milk tea nonetheless. I don't really mind the bitterness, and it was fair enough to settle a craving.

MINESHINE MILK TEA. Then I read about MineShine and how it is supposed to be the best Milk Tea (in convenience packs/ RTD bottles) out there. So I headed to the 7-11 near my place to get a couple of bottles and... NOM! BEST MILK TEA EVER! Found out from my former boss, S, that Uni-President, makers of MineShine, is a major owner of Taiwan's number one convenience chain, 7-11. Hence, the tea is only available at their stores. Don't go looking for it elsewhere, I've already tried. Who cares? There's a 7-11 'round every block!

MineShine Milk Tea comes in the premium regular flavor and in Belgian Choco flavor. I don't care much for the chocolate one. I like mine plain and smooth. I was never a chocolate person anyway. But you? Head to the nearest 7-11 store and see for yourself!

MineShine Milk Tea in 500ml bottles are sold for P 40.00 each. The Belgian Choco one is more expensive. This is addicting, folks. Don't say I didn't warn you. :) But yea, it is the perfect partner to my Cafe World addiction! Now at Level 73, baby!

(Took the photo on the right using my cheap and free LG mobile phone. Good enough.)

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